The rules


Pyrenees Cup tournament is organized by the Associació Esportiva de Futbol en Marxa (AEFEM Football) and is recognized by the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF), as well as by the Catalan Football Federation (FCF).

The competition rules will be those dictated by the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF).

The registration in the tournament implies full compliance with these Regulations.


CategoryBirth YearTypeMatches
U8 Prebenjamín2014 - 2015F-72 halves x 12 min
U10 Benjamín2012 - 2013F-72 halves x 15 min
U12 Alevín2010 - 2011F-72 halves x 15 min
U14 Infantil2008 - 2009F-112 halves x 20 min
U16 Cadete2006 - 2007F-112 halves x 20 min
U19 Juvenil2003 - 2005F-112 halves x 20 min
Feminine F-72008-2011F-72 halves x 15 min
Feminine F-112003 - 2007F-112 halves x 20 min

In all matches, there will be a 5-minute break to switch fields and there will not be any extra time.

Sports equipment must be removed from the changing rooms during the games, in order to facilitate their use by the next teams.

In order to facilitate punctuality at the start of the matches, we ask that teams leave the benches in the same conditions they would like to find them.

If one of the teams shows up 10 minutes after the start time of the match or with less than nine (9) players in F11 or five (5) in F7, it will be considered a no-show and the team will lose the game with a score of 3 – 0.

In case of rain, the tournament will also be played. If during the match the referee has the need to suspend it, the final result will be the one at the time of suspension.


Each team is allowed to register up to a maximum of 2 players born after July 1st of the year prior to the category. In the Fem-11 category, a maximum of 2 senior players will be allowed.

There is no maximum number of players that can be registered per game.

A player can only play one category, that is, his own or a higher one.

Each player must keep the same number throughout the tournament.

All the players who play the tournament must prove their age by means of an ORIGINAL IDENTITY DOCUMENT or FEDERATIVE CARD. Any player who cannot prove his category and age will not be able to be aligned in the tournament.

In case of improper alignment, the team will lose the game with a score of 3 – 0.

Each team must have its own insurance and the organization will not be responsible in the event of an injury.



All players that have been registered will be allowed to play. There will be no limit of substitutions during the match.

To make any substitution, it will be necessary to notify the referee before the player enters the field.



A sending-off by two YELLOW CARDS will not suppose any sanction and the player will be allowed to play the next match.


         1.- If the sending-off is made by being the last player during a game action, it will not suppose any sanction and the player will be allowed to play the next match.

         2.- If the sending-off is made by a card accumulation, it will not suppose any sanction and the player will be allowed to play the next match.

          3.- If the sending-off is made by a DIRECT red card, it will suppose one match of sanction.

          4.- In the event of a physical or verbal aggression to a rival or to the referee, it will be considered as SERIOUS MISCONDUCT and can suppose the expulsion of the tournament for the player, coach or even the full team.


Those teams that show unsportsmanlike, uncivil behavior, inciting racism, hate or any type of violence, either on the fields or in the accommodation, could be disqualified from the competition if it is decided by the Competition Committee.



All team have to bring TWO T-SHIRTS OF DIFFERENT COLOURS. In case of a coincidence with the rival team, they first try to agree on who changes his t-shirt. If they don’t agree, we will decide it by draw.



A staff member of the team will need to complete the MATCH RECORD and deliver it with the ID cards of the players to our staff before each match. In case you have any inquiry, you will have to deliver it to our staff.

At the end of each match, your delegate will confirm with our staff the name of the scorers and the goalkeepers, regarding the awards of the tournament.




It will be composed of two groups in a league of one leg.

The scoring will be of 3 points for winning match, 1 point for a tied match and 0 points for a lost match.

In case of a tie in the final table, the following rules will be applied in this order:


2.- TOTAL GOAL AVERAGE (eg: 25 goals scored and 10 received = +15)




At the end of the last match, please check the final table in the Competize app and with the staff in the field to confirm the details of the next match.


The Knockout Stages will be played according to the final position of each team in the Group Stage. Once this phase has started there will be no chance to claim for any mistake or inquiry

In case of a tied match during this phase, including the finals, there will be a penalty round of 3 shots per team. If at the end of the 3 shoots per team, they are still tied, they will shoot once each until one of them win. A player can’t repeat a shoot until all the players that have finished the match have shot at least once.



In each football pitch, there will be at least 1 Pitch Manager and 2 other Staff Members. They will act like judges/delegates in case it is necessary. For any inquiry during the tournament, you must contact them.

We don’t take any responsibility for any stolen goods or accidents that may happen. Every team must have its own health insurance.

The ORGANIZATION is not responsible for any damage caused by any team in the sports facilities as well as in the different accommodations. Each team will be responsible for the possible damages and the possible expenses derived from them. Some accommodations may request a deposit upon arrival of the team, which will be returned once the tournament is over.

In the event of rain, the tournament will still be played. If during the game the referee decided to suspend the match, the final result will be the one in the moment of that decision.

Our organization reserves the right to modify these Rules if it is necessary.

For any issue that is not included within these Rules, it will be solved by our organization staff, being this the only judge allowed to make the decision.



The participants AUTHORIZE the ORGANIZATION to carry out a photographic and audiovisual report on the activities carried out at the event.

The photographic and audiovisual report may be disseminated in any medium (TV, press, internet, etc.) and in any advertising and media support (brochures, banners, panels, web page, a memory of activities, publications, reports, etc.). All this without limitation and including any other means and support necessary for the dissemination of the programs and activities developed by our organization or in collaboration with other entities.

This authorization is granted without territorial or temporal limitation.

This authorization is completely free, and the participants undertake not to request or claim any compensation, payment, reimbursement or indemnification in exchange for this freely issued authorization for the use of their image.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed and consent to the processing of your data by the transferee entity/s for the stated purposes, being able to exercise the rights of access them, modify them, cancel them and oppose their treatment in accordance with the law, by going to the registered office of the Associació Esportiva de Futbol en Marxa.

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