Pyrenees, between France and Catalonia, located at 150km from Barcelona. This place is well-known by its beautiful landscapes and it offers a lot of things to do both in summer and in winter.

Here we give you some advices to take the most of Pyrenees during summer months.

Pyrenees is a region with several villages, where you can find the most authentic part of Catalonia. You’d better keep your smarthpone in your pocket and start walking while feeling the fresh air coming from the mountains. If you are a lover of nature and like hiking, you can’t miss some of the marvellous lakes of the place, like “Lago del Matemale” or “Lago de Meranges”.

If you want to ride a bicycle, you can take either a mountain bike or a road bike, and take one of the thousands of routs of La Cerdanya. In summer, you can’t ride as long as you want without sweating too much, because of the soft temperatura. In addition, here you will find several bikeparks, like the one in La Molina, considerated one of the best in Spain, where you can ride the bicycle down to the ski slopes

If climbing is your passion, you will love La Cerdanya, as it has a lot of places to practise it. You will also find a free place in Bellver where you can practise rock climbing indoors.

If you love water sports, the region also offers lots of activities like rafting, kayaking, canyoing and sailing in some of the lakes.

But ¿what if I just want to relax? Near to Puigcerdà you can find “Les Bains de Saint Thomas”, that is, hot water natural pools from the hearth of the Earth, among other Spa’s and Wellbeing places. You can also take the “yellow train” and take a whole view of La Cerdanya.

To sum up, La Cerdanya is a safe bet due to the huge amount of things to do, the marvellous landscape, the fresh air and the calm of the place. Just tell us what you want to do here and we will help you find it!

Come and breath!


  • Aeropuerto Barcelona – Prat
  • Aeropuerto Girona
  • Aeropuerto Reus


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